Urban Wildlife Control is an animal pest control and bee removal company that serves North Fulton county including the cities of Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek and Roswell. Urban Wildlife Control provides the most effective solutions for these cities.

North Fulton harbors a variety of wildlife. Snakes, squirrels, raccoons and opossum are a few examples of the wildlife one may encounter.

If you are in need of professional assistance in the Alpharetta, Milton, Johns Creek or Roswell areas for snake control or raccoon removal, we have trained technicians ready to assist you. We will not only Rid a Critter, but will also perform repairs and decontamination if necessary.

Rats and mice love to inhabit attics, basements and walls, they may chew electrical wires and leave bio-hazardous droppings. Frequently, wildlife take up residence in homes and it may require a pest management company to remove them.

Urban Wildlife Control employs wildlife control professionals that utilize the latest in wildlife control technology to safely trap, control, remove and exclude any nuisance animal or bee from your building or property.

We are licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. We can provide you with a copy of general liability and workers comp. insurance.

Urban Wildlife Control is a full service company that focuses on the removal of these Alpharetta pests:

bat exclusion | beaver trapping | bird control | dead animal removal | carpenter bees | coyotes | feral cats | foxes | honeybees | hornets | mouse control | moles | opossums | raccoon capture | rat extermination | squirrel removal | snakes | bee removal | wasp nest removal | woodpeckers | etc.

Once the nuisance animals have been identified, and all entry points located, the proper steps will be taken to safely capture, trap and remove the animals. If animals are removed from your Alpharetta home, we will give you a written recommendation of animal exclusion & damage control work that should be done to prevent future nuisance animal conflicts.

To protect your investment, we will provide a written warranty for any animal exclusion work performed on your building.

Urban Wildlife Control offers Alpharetta rat control, Alpharetta squirrel control and removal, Alpharetta mouse (mice) extermination, Alpharetta beaver trapping, Alpharetta bee nest removal, Alpharetta bat exclusion and all other wildlife control services for the North Fulton county area, at a competitive price.