Lets face it, wild animals like deer die. Greater Atlanta residence need a professional dead deer removal service to turn to for help. Often homeowners are surprised to learn the county animal control office or other government agency will not provide dead deer removal on private property. Urban Wildlife Control is the leading expert in dead deer removal service for the greater Atlanta, GA area. Urban Wildlife Control can do just about any dead deer removal and odor removal and we provide this service throughout greater Atlanta.

Unfortunate circumstance with a Dead Deer?

It is an unfortunate circumstance when our clients find a dead deer in their yard after the animal was struck by a car or a hunter did not perform adequately. Other issues Urban Wildlife Control sees are animals that have either attempted to jump over a fence or squeeze through it. Some homeowners wake up and call the police and an officer shows up, euthanizes the animal and leave it for the homeowner to clean up. Some of these animals are in excess of 200 lbs and the average homeowner with their busy schedule, has no desire to deal with the deer carcass. If you are a greater Atlanta, GA resident experiencing this very scenario feel free to give us a call and we can give you the details and costs associated with the removal process and take care of your issue promptly.

If a deer, dog, pet or other animal has died on your property or land and you do not wish to dispose of it yourself due to health concerns or other reasons, Urban Wildlife Control can remove it for you and dispose of it in a proper manner, for a service fee. Our fee varies depending on the animals size and state of decomposition. Factors that may affect cost include: where the animal is located and if its stuck on or in something, little to no road access or multiple animals at the location.

Once the dead and deceased animal removal process is complete Urban Wildlife Control can apply a special odor digesting enzyme to the affected area that helps control and remove the odor. The carcass will be disposed of properly and in accordance with the law.

Charges for dead deer removal can vary depending upon the difficulty of removal. When you contact Urban Wildlife Control for dead deer removal service we may ask you to describe your issue in detail, and we will explain our pricing and service. Urban Wildlife Control can provide same day and emergency deer carcass and dog carcass removal. Don’t waste another minute! We can get life back to normal in no time!