Just like the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the Southern flying Squirrel lives throughout the Eastern United States, squirrel control services are common in these areas. An adult Southern Flying Squirrel or “flyer” is 8″ to 10″ in length and weighs approximately 4oz. to 6oz. The coloration may vary between shades of gray and brown on their backs and heads with a lighter color under belly.

The most distinct characteristic of the Southern flyers is the web of skin connecting the front and back legs, called a patagium, which is very similar to the wing of a bat. The flat tail is another distinctive characteristic which gives the Southern flyer the ability to glide 200′ or more! Learn more about Gray Squirrel Removal or read on to learn more about squirrel control.

How, When and Why Squirrel Control May Be Needed.

The Southern flyer is a nocturnal creature that prefers to colonize in attics. During the winter months they will seek shelter and take up residence in your Georgia home and, they will bring their friends. It is not uncommon to have 20 flyers living in an attic! Being that they are nocturnal, or active at night, they start their activities at sundown storing food inside your home, coming and going all night long.

These critters are quite noisy at three or four in the morning. Because of their small size they may make noise in walls throughout your home, as well as your attic. A Southern Flying Squirrel can gain access to your attic and walls from roof vents and construction gaps to improperly installed chimney caps.

Damage They Cause

Flying squirrels are members of the rodent family. Like all rodents, to keep their teeth sharp they must chew. Atlanta area homes with flyer colonies often have chewed electrical wires which, if gone unnoticed, can a fire hazard. These animals will set up a “litter box” that can produce stains and smells that are unbearable.

The most common complaint from Georgia homeowners stems from the night noise and the noise in the walls these critters make. It is hard to sleep when you have 20 flyers storing acorns in your home every night.

Atlanta, Georgia Squirrel Removal & Squirrel Control

To get rid of flying squirrels from the attic, trapping must be the first step in the squirrel control program. Squirrels must be trapped and relocated at least ten miles from the property.

Once all the squirrels are removed any hole the size of a quarter must be sealed. If your home has a construction gap it must be sealed as well. The litter box should be removed if possible and the odor eliminated. If the proper steps are not taken the problem will not be solved.

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