Welcome to Urban Wildlife Control, an Atlanta, Georgia based company. Our goal is to provide the most professional and comprehensive animal and bee removal service.

The animals we deal with are listed below:

Our Bat Pages:

Bat Removal main bat page
Bat Control and Rabies Prevention Bats and rabies
Bat Pest Control General pest control information on bats
Bat Box How to construct a bat house
Big Brown Bat A common bat in gable vents
Small Brown Bat Common bats in attics

Our Bird Pages:

Bird Control Control and removal of birds
Pigeon Control Pigeon Removal Devices
Woodpecker Control and Removal Get rid of woodpeckers

Our Rodent Pages:

Rodent Control and Removal Rodent main page
Beavers Beaver removal
Rat Removal Control and removal of rats
Rat Pest Control Rats and their removal, FAQ’s
Rodent Pest Control Rodents and their control, FAQ’s
Mice, Removal, Extermination or Exterminator Mouse Control

Our Canine and Feline Pages:

Coyote Removal Coyote trapping
Fox Removal Fox control and fox trapping
Feral Cat Rescue Feral Removal and neutering

Our Bee Pages:

Atlanta Bee Removal Our bee removal main page
Carpenter Bee Control How to get rid of carpenter bees
Honeybee Removal Honeycomb extraction
Hornet Removal and Control Get rid of hornets
Yellow Jacket Removal Get rid of bees
Wasp Removal and Control Get rid of wasp nests

Our Squirrel Pages:

Squirrels Main Page
Gray Squirrel Removal Squirrel removal page
Flying Squirrel Control How to get rid of flying squirrels
Squirrel Pest Control Squirrel removal FAQ’s
Alpharetta Squirrel Control and Removal Squirrel removal for Alpharetta
Marietta Squirrel Control, Kennesaw Removal Squirrel removal for Cobb County
Roswell Squirrel Control Squirrel removal for North Fulton including the city of Milton

Our Mammal Pages:

Mole Control and Extermination Mole trapping information
Opossum Removal Opossum Control
Raccoon Removal and Control Raccoon main page
Raccoon Trapping and Control Raccoon trapping information
Raccoon Droppings, Biohazard Raccoon feces removal

Our Reptile Pages:

Snake Removal and Control Snakes’ main page
Snake Control Information on controlling snakes
Black Rat Snake Very common GA snake
Copperhead Venomous snake
Corn Snake Non-venomous snake
Garter Snake Non-venomous snake
Eastern King Snake Non-venomous snake
Water Snake Non-venomous snake
Cottonmouth Venomous snake
Black Racer Non-venomous snake
Snapping Turtle Removal Turtle Control and Trapping

Our Dead Animal Removal Page:

Dead Animal Removal Does something smell funny?

Areas we service regularly:

Roswell Animal Removal North Fulton, Georgia animal control.
North Fulton Exterminating Bee control and rodent control
Alpharetta Pest Control Animal pest control service.
Marietta Animal Removal Cobb county wildlife removal.
Woodstock Animal Removal Cherokee county wildlife removal.
Atlanta Animal Control Fulton county animal control.

Animal Damage and Repairs:

Rodents Chew Wires Squirrels and rats chew wires.
Fascia Board and Construction Gap Animals enter here.
Atlanta Pest Control Animal Damage and Repair.
Animal Damage Control Animal Damage Photos.
Animal Inspection, Trap Monitoring Animal inspection, identification and trap placement.
Atlanta Pest Control Animal Damage and Repair.
Animal Removal Services Removal and control services we offer.
Wildlife Removal FAQ’s Frequent Questions.
Animal Trapper Testimonials Previous customers’ words.
Contact Us Contact a professional.
Animal Removal Photos Pictures of humane removals.
Rid A Critter Animal Removal, GA.
Animal Waste Removal and Insulation Contractor Feces removal, insulation replacement.

Our Pest Pages:

Pest Control Main page
Ants ant identification, removal, and control
Centipedes centipede identification, removal, and control
Cockroaches cockroach identification, removal, and control
Millipedes millipede identification, removal, and control

Here are a Few Links About Atlanta or Pest Control Services

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