Do you need rodent control in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area? You found it! Below is a list of the most common rodents that become a problem for Atlanta area residence.

Beaver Removal – Yes, beavers are rodents! They are North America’s largest rodents. They become a nuisance by damming up waterways and chewing and removing expensive trees and landscape. Call UWC today for Atlanta Rodent Removal. We can handle any Beaver problem whether it is one beaver in a creek or twenty beavers in a large lake.

Mouse Extermination – They can carry and spread many diseases. Mice will contaminate human food by urinating and defecating on it (a single mouse can produce sixty droppings in one day). Mice reproduce in vast numbers very quickly. Mouse eradication should be performed swiftly when the problem is first identified to prevent large infestations. If the infestation has already occurred extensive control measures must be implemented long-term to eradicate the nuisance problem. Once the mice are removed from the structure permanent exclusion and bait box programs must be carried out as well as a comprehensive clean up process to help eliminate the odors left behind that will attract future creatures.

Rat Removal – The most common nuisance rat inside Georgia homes is the Norway rat (a.k.a. wharf rat, sewer rat, brown rat) a close second is the roof rat. Both species of rats carry numerous diseases, chew electrical wires, damage your attic insulation and reproduce in vast numbers (one female rat can live up to 2 years and is capable of producing 200+ offspring in her life span). Got a rat infestation? Call UWC today for rodent control atlanta. Control and eradicate the problem quickly.

Gray Squirrel Removal – Grey squirrels have adapted well to our urban environments. The “cute furry rodents” are fun to watch as they raid bird feeders and have territorial disputes chasing each other up and down trees. Only when they take up residence in your attic and keep you up at night with their chewing and fighting do you realize they can be a nuisance. Grey squirrels can cause an abundance of destruction to homes. It’s not uncommon to find damage to the heating and ventilation system, shingles, roof rafters and electrical wires, just to name a few things. The key to stopping the damage is catching the problem early and acting quickly before the issue gets out of hand.

Flying Squirrel Control – Flying squirrels have many of the same behaviors as rats. They are colonizing rodents that will group together in attics and are active at night. Twenty flyers storing acorns in your attic at 3 A.M. can be quite a nuisance. Other issues include: damage to the attic insulation and roof ventilation system and animals defecating repeatedly in the same location causing odor issues and potential staining and other damage.

Why choose UWC for rodent control service?

Rodent control services provided by most pest companies are inadequate because very few exterminators properly exclude rats and other small rodents. Successful rodent removal and control should always be performed by someone with the knowledge and skill of how rodents such as rats and squirrels enter homes and other buildings. Knowledge and correct implementation is key to successful completion of any rodent exclusion.

Without proper exclusion and waste management, rodent control is a never-ending expense, as those, that are removed are soon replaced by new rodents who get in the same way the old did. To learn more about Rodent Control Service go to our Rodent Control FAQ’s.

Urban Wildlife Control does not use chemical rodent control (poisoning) methods inside residential structures. The risks of poisoned rats or other animals dying in inaccessible areas of a building can cause terrible odors that often last for weeks or even months. See also, Dead Animal Removal if this has already been done and you need professional odor control and carcass removal. A baiting program (poisoning) is something that should only be carried out once the initial removal and exclusion processes have been completed, this prevents rats and mice expiring inside the structure in unknown locations.

That’s why Urban Wildlife Control specializes in non-chemical, non-toxic rodent trapping, rodent control, and rodent exclusion inside structures for residential and commercial clients in the greater Atlanta, GA area.

Is your rodent pest control problem not listed?

Although, there are other rodents in the greater Atlanta area, the animals listed above are the most common nuisance rodents Georgians deal with day-in and day-out. If you are having a problem with another type of rodent not listed, and need an exterminator or trapper please, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Cities and Counties UWC Services in Georgia

We provide wildlife removal and pest control services in all cities and counties in the greater Atlanta area. Feel free to give us a call to book an animal control inspection. With our aggressive and all-encompassing programs Urban Wildlife Control can help get a handle on your rodent issues expeditiously.