The three most common species of birds which cause Atlanta area residence and businesses are sparrows, starlings and pigeons. Common problems with these birds include nesting in or on Greater Atlanta structures, excrement and droppings on buildings, bird mites and parasites, bird associated diseases, and birds gaining access to the interior of the structure.

Urban Wildlife Control designs bird exclusion and deterrent programs for Georgia buildings. These birds are responsible for the defacing and damaging building rooftops, expensive equipment, Vehicles and floors. bird Infestations may also be a serious health hazard. Urban Wildlife Control handles bird pest control problems on all types of structures and situations.

How, When and Why They Become a Nuisance Pest

Buildings infested with pest birds place the buildings occupants at risk of illness and disease. Nuisance birds transmit disease in four ways: Inhalation of contaminated dust,, Transmitted by fleas, ticks, mites, etc., contact (direct or indirect) with bird feces.

Atlanta, Georgia Bird Removal & Bird Control

Bird management options:


This technique may be used inside structures that birds are entering. Trapping has little application in most outdoor areas where birds are attracted.


There are several anti-roosting products that prevent birds from landing and/or roosting on ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes, chimneys, cutouts, security cameras, street lights, rooftops, boat canopies, parking decks, booms, air conditioning units, etc.

Roosting and perching deterrents include custom made, angled perch blockers, bird netting to exclude birds from awnings and other nesting sites, anti-roosting spikes made of stainless steel or polycarbonate and electrified, non-leathal low profile track systems to protect ledges.

Bird Nest Removal

One of the best methods for discouraging bird activity is nest removal. This is also necessary to prevent any problems associated with bird mites. The same procedures are followed as described for excrement removal. In addition, crack and crevice and spot applications of a residual germicide are made to kill any mites and other parasites which may be present in or around the nest.

Feel free to contact us about any bird problem you may have. Commercial bird exclusion inspections are free and we will provide you with a written work proposal and our guarantee.

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