Are you in dire need of a dead animal removal service? Do you have a dead animal smell in your house or business? Urban Wildlife Control is the leading expert in dead animal removal service in the greater Atlanta, GA area. Urban Wildlife Control can do just about any dead animal locating, removal and odor removal and we provide this service throughout greater Atlanta.

As of October 2013, Urban Wildlife Control technicians went on 900 dead animal removal calls and removed a dead animal from 99 percent of the buildings. Other calls turned out to be a sewage problem, a few of the callers would not allow us to cut their wall open (dead animal removal only works if the technician is allowed to do his job) and one was an undetermined odor.

Some of these dead animal removal callers tried other companies before using our service, to no avail. Some of our competitors were the ones responsible for the death of the animal; animals can be poisoned or trapped inside a home.

Urban Wildlife Control can locate and remove the dead animal from wherever it may be.and take the proper steps to disinfect the affected area to eliminate the odor.

It is also important to inspect your home or business to find out how that animal gained entry and take the proper steps to prevent future problems in your home or office.

Here are the most common situations that we deal with:

Dead animal smell in house can attract all types of insects and disease, not to mention other nuisance animals which hope to feed on the carcass. Of course, the smell and/or sight are also offensive.

If an animal has died on your property and you do not wish to dispose of it yourself due to health concerns or other reasons, Urban Wildlife Control can remove it for you and dispose of it in a proper manner, for a service fee.

If dead animal removal is required from within the structure of your home or office we can find its location and attempt to remove it. This may involve some demolition, for example, cutting the drywall of a ceiling or wall in which a dead rodent is located.

Once the dead and deceased animal removal process is complete Urban Wildlife Control can apply a special odor digesting enzyme to the affected area that helps control and remove the odor.

Charges for dead animal removal from within a structure can vary depending upon the difficulty of removal. When you contact Urban Wildlife Control for dead animal removal service please describe your problem in detail, and we will explain our pricing and service.

If you are concerned about the possible demolition involved with dead animal removal urban wildlife control can provide drywall repair service. After the animal is removed we can provide a quote to repair most of the materials that we may have to dismantle. Common dead animal services require: repair of drywall, siding repair, insulation clean-up, repair of decks, as well as deodorizing the affected area. Urban Wildlife Control can repair most areas.