Big brown bats are one of the most common American bats, ranging from Canada to northern South America. Atlanta bat removal companies commonly deal with this species of bat.

Of all the North American species of bats, this bat is the one most closely associated with urban environments because of their year-round use of human dwellings.

The big brown bat is typically a forest dweller, but will not hesitate to roost in attics and vents in buildings. These bats emerge from their structure rather early in the evening and feed on insects among the trees, often following a regular route from one treetop to another and back again. Their flight pattern is relatively slow and direct.

Maternity colonies (between May and August) can consist of hundreds of females, although smaller colonies are the norm. Big brown bats usually enter caves or buildings where they will hibernate safely throughout the winter months.

Young big brown bats (called pups) are born in maternity colonies where females roost together. The usual litter size, from one female, is one to two pup in the eastern United States, and one pup in the western United States.

Pups are born without any fur, eyes closed and unable to fly. Immediately after the pups are born, they begin to squeak, and within 24 to 48 hours their eyes are open.

For the first two weeks of life, while the mother bat is at rest, the young pups stay nestled under her wing, nursing. During the third week they are able to fly, and clumsily practice until they can negotiate their own turns, land, and hang from the walls, screens, etc.

Pups are weaned from their mothers at about 9 weeks old, and at this time are able to eat insects.

Big brown bats are extremely beneficial to humans because they consume large numbers of insects.

Big brown bat predators include: barn owls, horned owls, and certain species of snakes.

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