Animal Removal, Wildlife Trapping and Relocation Services

Do you have a nuisance animal on your property or in your home or business? Urban Wildlife Control can help! We will perform a detailed inspection to determine the type of nuisance animal you have and the best approach to trap and remove it. Of course, all the trapping, deodorizing and repelling in the world isn’t as effective as physically restricting the animals from entering the building, which is where our damage repair and wildlife exclusion service in Atlanta and the metropolitan area can help. Urban Wildlife Control will perform a free inspection and provide a written quote for animal removal service.

Insect Pest Control

As one of the most well-rounded pest control companies Atlanta has to offer, we provide the treatment and removal of cockroachesants, centipedes, millipedes and many other insects from the interior, exterior and perimeter of homes and office buildings.

Bee and Wasp Control

Urban Wildlife Control specializes in the treatment and removal of carpenter beeshoneybeeshornets, wasps and yellow jackets from the interior and exterior of homes and buildings in the greater Atlanta area.

Dead Animal Removal Service

Do you believe you have a dead animal in your home or office? We locate and remove the animal, then take the necessary steps to disinfect the contaminated area and eliminate odor. We will also inspect your home or office to find out how that animal gained entry and make sure we do what we can to prevent future problems. Dead animal removal services are unique and require special skills, and Urban Wildlife Control technicians are some of the best around.

Rat and Snake Repellent

Not all Atlanta pest control companies offer only EPA-registered and university-tested products that are proven to repel all species of rats and snakes, like we do. Of course, repellents are only temporary solutions, and some of our other services may be necessary to discourage this from continually being an issue.

Animal Exclusions and Damage Repair

Say goodbye to the wildlife in your life. Urban Wildlife Control can slam the door shut on these unwelcome pests! With every thorough building inspection, you will receive a written estimate for all necessary work. Every entry point will be located and properly sealed by our trained Atlanta wildlife removal professionals.

Urban Wildlife Control offers greater Atlanta residences the most comprehensive animal removal, exclusion and damage repair techniques available today! With the use of galvanized screening, copper mesh, IPF foam and sheet metal to seal the entire structure, animals don’t stand a chance at entering your home. Whether your problem is a small, defective crawl space door or a large 200-foot construction gap, we have the solution. Once the job is complete, you will be provided with a written warranty.

Animal Waste Cleanup and Insulation Replacement

Urban Wildlife Control can remove soiled attic insulation, bio-hazardous excrement and nesting materials, as well as decontaminate the attic and install new insulation. This service will reclaim your attic space and substantially reduce your home’s energy bill.

Learn more about why we are greater Atlanta’s premier animal waste removal and insulation contractor.

Animal Clearance Certificate

Are you in the process of selling or buying a home in the Atlanta area and an inspector has noted evidence of animals? Our experts will perform a thorough inspection. If there is a problem, we will take the proper removal steps and provide an animal clearance certificate upon completion.

On-site Wildlife Management for Film Production

Urban Wildlife Control technicians have experience with and can provide animal control for Movie and TV filming. We have a multitude of services for on-site film production. Snake wrangling, tick control and mosquito spraying are a few services we provided regularly for production companies.